Sehar Marine Dock Solutions

We are the leading floating dock manufacturer of the high quality floating Jetty/Pontoons for making Marine Docks or Water Surface Platforms. Our floating dock range fits for homes and large commercial floating applications.

Use of Floating Docks

  • Boat/Jetski Parkings
  • Walkways on water surfaces
  • For connecting shores to each others

Benefits of Sehar Marine Floating Docks

  • Available in different sizes & models
  • Multiple Decking Enhancement Facility
  • Easy to install, Light Weigth & Very Durable Pontoons

Floating docks are versatile. Floating docks do not require pilings or substructures for support, making them simpler to install. For projects in deep waters, buyers can avoid the cost of expensive, lengthy pilings. They can be used in high or low water and can be attached to a shoreline, pilings, or even a stationary dock.

Floating docks usually take less time to install than stationary docks, and some floating docks can even be installed and ready to use in a day