The company was initiated in 2018 and had evolved from an e-commerce retail business platform & medical health care solution industry. The company started continuously growing with the best possible service and multi-business models in the market. After creating a successful business model, we merged into the marine solutions sector with our individual sub-brand SEHAR MARINE, and the company’s performance growing exponentially since then.

We are active in both the sectors Private & Govt. for expanding our business model in India and Globally.

Since initiation, we have been catering to the market demands with futuristic imaginations and the best profit possibilities.

SIRPL takes pride that all it’s business models support and follow the greener and sustainable criteria to ensure a better tomorrow.

We have offices in Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai (Maharashtra), Bangalore (Karnataka) and Chennai (Tamil Nadu).

Our Vision

“focused on building platforms that will create opportunities for India and Citizens to realize their true potential.”

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Our Mission

“Peace is a fundamental component of community development, personal growth, and survival of our planet. At the heart of every faith community, and culture, lies a need to advance peaceful co-existence to enhance productive, meaningful lives and sustainable societies.”